Thank you so much for all your help during my 12 week challenge.

When I first started seeing Lynda, I was full of toxins. Or another way to say it was I was full of poo! After Lynda helped me to do a few tests, we had a good chat about the results.

Well a lot of things became clear to me after this. One of them was that my digestion really was a big issue with my health, and the reason I was having problems with my weight.

Lynda helped me order some vitamins and things to help get rid of the bugs that were no longer wanted. Then she started to help me with foods that may be causing problems and helping the bugs live on and breed. After helping me get a hold on things, Lynda then helped me with a detox to really get the system working right. I got a few headaches to start with, when the rubbish was leaving my body. But I knew this wasn’t going to last, and I was going to feel the benefits of it all soon. A week later and I could really start to feel myself change, from the inside out. My skin was looking better and clear, and  I had lost a couple of kg. A few more weeks into the challenge and I was not having the bloating feeling and I was now going to the toilet every day, and some days even twice.

I can truly say, thanks to Lynda for the testing and the continued support along the way I am now feeling so good. Even though I have to take antibiotics for an issue with my lungs, Lynda really worked with my Dr to help me find a better me in all the poo.

Thank you for everything, you helped me poo.

I would recommend Lynda to anyone who feels that they want to find the reason why they are really full of poo, or just want to help themselves find a healthier them.

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