What To Do When Constipation Strikes Unexpectedly

My bowel movements are 98% regular, yes I know it may shock you to hear that on the odd occasion I may experience a bit of straining, pebble poos, an incomplete emptying or just plain nothing.

I have spoken about my constipation in many podcast interviews and after much experimentation and dedication to personal awareness I have established that it happens when I am traveling or my morning ritual is absent and I am running around like a headless chook.

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So in order to avoid another day sans poo and to encourage a big, healthy and gratifying evacuation the next day I make sure I do the following.



I sit, stand, walk, jog, swim or do some yoga during the day. I rarely spend more than two hours in the same position even when working.

Move the body with Digestive Support Yin Yoga Sequence Video and Abdominal tone exercises.


Eat well

I eat meals laced with much plant fibre, bitter greens and healthy fats such as a BetterMe Smoothie for breakfast,  Sexy Sardine Salad for lunch and Curried Lamb Casserole for dinner to guarantee a healthier poo-scenario the next day.



I drink at least 1.5 litres of room temp water, sometimes with a pinch of Himalayan salt for enhanced absorption and have 2-3 cups of BetterMe tea throughout the day. I make a big pot of BetterMe with a good dose of lemon juice and flesh, let it brew for 10 minutes and enjoy every mouthful.



I take a full dose of practitioner only magnesium bisglycinate powder with a large glass of water in the evening. Generally 30-40 minutes after dinner and not too close to bedtime so that I do not disrupt my sleep with multiple loo visits. I often add Greens Plus for extra fibre, cleansing and alkalising agents.


Morning Ritual

The next morning I bring back my morning ritual even if it means getting up half an hour earlier. At the moment my ritual consists of a 15 minute guided meditation (I use MUSE. Headspace or Dr Joe Dispenza's 20 minute morning meditation are also great) or breath-work (alternate nostril, the Wim Hof technique or Breath of Fire), Maya Abdominal Massage, gratitude practice, movement (yoga, walk, jog, HIIT or swimming) and the newest addition is reading 10 pages of a book that will contribute to self development. This one hour morning commitment has amplified my personal growth and supports my ability to respond to daily stress. Besides I walk away from this feeling charged and ready to take on some pretty monumental and sometimes scary (in a good way) projects.


Apple Cider Vinegar

I pop 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup boiled water and 1/4 cup room temperature water into a large glass and chug this down at least 5-10 minutes before my first meal of the day.


Proper preparation prevents poor performanceLove this quote by Charlie Batch. If you want healthier bowel movements you need to put the effort into diet, lifestyle and mindset.


There you have it, a snap shot of how I get my poo-jo back. Hopefully some of these tips will help you move more freely too. Everyone has different triggers to constipation though, so If you do not get any relief, read 15 Tricks To Have A Great Poop, Every Time or send me an email info@lyndagriparic.com and find out how I can help guide you toward regularity as this is what I absolutely love doing.


If you want to learn more about constipation and why daily poos are essential check out the following article. The Inside Story On Constipation – What You Need To Know 


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