Creamy Flora Flourish Smoothie

This smoothie is choc full of digestive support. It has cumin, cardamom, ginger and green banana in it which gets right to the heart of nourishing gut flora and improving the breakdown of foods for better use in the body. Research has shown that cumin helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. This potent antioxidant is also liver and immune protective. Cardamon is another amazing spice that helps to reduce flatulence, inflammation, stomach cramps and acidity in the body. It is also antimicrobial, a detoxifying agent and would you believe helps freshen the breath. Ginger is another rocking spice that helps reduce inflammation, flatulence, nausea and improves digestion of foods.

Green banana is like fertiliser for your good flora, a form of “resistant starch”. Resistant starch is digested many hours later and only by the good bacteria. It has many health benefits, like weight management, diabetes control, and cholesterol lowering. It is an easy addition to a smoothie or even raw treats because it is relatively tasteless and the texture is similar to a fine flour.

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1 tsp organic green banana flour (I use Absolute Organic)

1/4 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

1 medium cucumber

1/4 cup baby spinach

1 scoop 180nutrition superfood blend (vegan coconut)

1 tsp cacao (I use organic cacao by 180nutrition)

1/4 avocado

1-2 tsp fresh ginger

1/2 pear (use honeydew melon or kiwi fruit if you want to keep it low FODMAP)

1 scoop of your favourite magnesium blend (optional)

1 handful ice cubes

1/2 cup purified water



Blend all ingredients together and enjoy slowly  savouring every mouthful 🙂


Serves 1


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