Constipation: The Inside Story. What You Need To Know

As you may have gathered by now I am a big fan of encouraging daily, satisfying bowel movements. I have written many blog posts on the topic and no doubt I will continue to churn out a few more, simply because constipation is a "symptom" that we commonly neglect but one which often has a serious driver that warrants some detective work. Many take the attitude of "she'll be right mate, all will come good in a few days" but I feel compelled to say, don't let a colon full of poo marinate for too long .

Why? Well let me take you on a poo journey. One that will arm you with knowledge of why we need to poo, what happens when we don't, and what we can do about it today.

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So strap yourself in and start here?

Step 1 - Begin with 10 Surprising Causes Of Constipation + How To Fix It 

Step 2 - Then read  16 Tricks To Have A Great Poop, Every Time

Step 3 -  Then get to know your poo Toilet Bowl Confessions


Constipation is linked to many health conditions

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Constipation and travel - How To Avoid Planet No Poop When Traveling

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Helpful articles on how to relieve Constipation

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Podcasts on poo

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Organic Tea that gets the human pipes flowing, tastes great and does not cause dependency

Organic herbal tea to promote healthy movements - BetterMe tea


Yin Yoga Sequence For Improving Digestive Function

Digestive Support Yin Yoga Sequence


Personalised support 

There are many reasons why people constipate, and treatment depends on the individual. If you have implemented the dietary, lifestyle and mind-set suggestions I speak of in my blog posts but still struggle to get the human pipes moving, chances are you need a personalised approach and further investigation.


In that case a Naturopathic | Nutrition Consultation  would be ideal for you.


Repairing bowel function is not a quick fix and takes time. Your commitment, persistence and patience is crucial but man oh man it sure is worth the effort. You will be rewarded along the way with improvements to long standing niggling symptoms such as poor skin health, bad breath, resistance to weight loss and foggy mental function. I have seen this time and time again and have experienced it first hand with my own bowel repair work.


Let us not be like children who sow a seed today and dig it up tomorrow to see how much the root went down. We need all of these three qualities: patience, devotion and faith. Taken from The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali


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