Mango Caraway Smoothie

Aside from its creamy and delicious flavour this smoothie is full of compounds that nourish the beneficial flora in the gut such as green banana, caraway seeds and 180nutrition. Caraway is so deliciously great for digestion and elimination. It helps to relieve gas and calm a crampy belly. It is also rich in fibre which helps support removal of waste from the colon. Be careful not to use too much as caraway seeds are quite strong in flavour.


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1 scoop 180nutrition superfood protein blend (vegan coconut)

1/2 mango (or 1/4 rockmelon)

1 tsp organic green banana flour (I use Absolute Organic)

1/4 tsp caraway seeds (organic)

1 tsp cacao (I use organic cacao by 180nutrition)

1 tsp cinnamon powder

2-3 tbsp coconut cream (I use Honest to Goodness or Organic Ayam)

1/4 cup baby spinach

1/2 one celery stalk

1 scoop Greens Plus powder (by 180nutrition, optional)

1 tsp of fresh ginger

Handful of ice cubes

1/2 cup purified water



Blend all ingredients together and enjoy.

Serves 1


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