Melting Heart Connects To Spirit & Improves Digestion

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Do you feel as though you are meandering through life, purposeless and"busy".  Are you bored or feel lost, well aware that there may be more in store for you in this life-time. In this physical body.

If you are feeling disconnected with your spirit (your self) and digestion is compromised this yin yoga posture is for you. Melting heart, otherwise known as Anahastasana is an absolute favourite of mine. Give it 3 mins of your time and you'll see why.

Deepen your connection with heart and spirit by melting your heart into the earth. This posture also lengthens, stretches and opens up the stomach and spleen channels which support our digestive function. The breakdown and absorption of nutrients in food.


Download your full 37 minute yin yoga sequence for digestive health here.

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