4 Week Online Constipation & Bowel Care Program
4 Weeks To A Healthier, Sexier You!
Say good bye to digestive issues 
Join leading naturopath Lynda Griparic with over 15 years experience, as she guides you through her 4 week program to help those digestive issues...
Take The SHAME Out Of Constipation Because You Are NOT Alone
Do you suffer from any of the following?
-  Stubborn weight issues
-  Bloated, uncomfortable in your own skin
-  Acne, psoriasis, eczema
-  Insomnia, bad breath, body odour 
-  Poor energy, concentration and memory
These can be direct symptoms of constipation, irregular bowel movements and poor dietary choices.

Are you going to the toilet daily?

Most people don't realise that irregular bowel movements can contribute to long-term health issues.

This can be fuelled even further by pharmaceutical laxative use, which creates dependancy and is band-aid treating the symptoms not the cause.
Its our body’s natural way of excreting waste, toxins and hormones. 
The skin, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and bronchioles are also elimination organs but it is the bowel that is most abused and neglected.
How Does The Online Program Work?
Unlock The Block is a four week program that runs through the fundamentals to good bowel health. 

It is the perfect bowel reboot and will help you move from sluggish bowel behaviour or even laxative and colon hydrotherapy dependency toward daily, satisfying and natural bowel movements.
Each week you will guided through with video; 2-3 powerful, bowel friendly, dietary and lifestyle changes.
You will also receive 4 yin yoga sequences to support bowel and overall digestive function.

What you have the opportunity to gain:
  • Bowel regularity 
  • Less bloating and flatulence
  • More energy
  • Weight loss 
  • Less food cravings
  • Clearer, fresh skin
  • A reduction in bad breath and body odour 
"I am thrilled how far I have come since working with Lynda. I In a short period of time my digestive health has become stable, my energy levels are great, and my insomnia has gone away! I can not thank Lynda enough for her help." - Lisa
Receive 3-4 weekly videos that guide you through powerful, bowel friendly, dietary and lifestyle changes.
[VALUE: $250]
18 x Cleansing Bowel Care Recipes
Bowel loving recipes that will keep the digestive system firing and won't back you up.
Learn Lynda's favourite and simple recipes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner; Everything from Papaya Cream Smoothie Bowl to Succulent Lamb Shank Stew... 
[VALUE: $30]
Weekly gentle gut nourishing yin yoga sequences to help rest & restore from the inside out. 
[VALUE: $40]
25 Serves of Organic BetterMe Tea
• Stimulates digestion and elimination
• Helps with weight loss
• Does not create dependency 
• Soothes an irritated gut
• Does not cause cramping or pain
• Helps to calm excessive wind
Silicone Stainless Steel Leaf Tea Strainer
Enjoy the perfect cup of BetterMe Tea with this eco-friendly silicone stainless steel tea leaf strainer
[VALUE: $30 + Free Shipping]
Facebook Support Group
Eliminate the Confusion and Learn the Secrets to a healthy Digestive Sytem
12 x Dietary and Lifestyle Guide Download PDF's
[VALUE: $140]
Here's a summary of what you will receive:
4 Week Online Constipation & Bowel Care Program
  •  10 Powerful Educational Videos [Value $250]
  •  18 x Cleansing Bowel Care Recipes [Value $30]
  •  4 x Gut Nourishing Yin Yoga Sequences [Value $40]
  •  25 Serves of Organic BetterMe Tea 
                 & Eco-Friendly Silicon Stainless Steel Tea Strainer [Value $30]
  •  Live Facebook Q & A and discussions [Value $400]
  •  12 x Dietary and Lifestyle Guide PDF's [Value $140]
PLUS The Following Limited Bonuses:
  •  4 downloadable Action Step Sheets 
                  (to help you stay committed) [Value $60]
  •  3 x Bonus Rest & Digest Yin Yoga Sequences [Value $30]
  •  Full Resource List [Value $30]
  •  Unlock the block - Private Facebook Group [Priceless]
OVER $1,000
Todays Price: $197
Please note that the information provided is broad and nonspecific and is not a substitute for regular naturopathic or conventional medicine treatment. - All right reserved LyndaGriparic.com.au 2017 
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