A dairy, grain and gluten free version of the ever-loved cheesecake. If you are ok with peanuts this is the perfect dessert when entertaining.

Ingredients (Base)

1/4 cup almonds

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1 scoop 180 Natural Protein Superfood (whey or vegan chocolate)

1/2 cup peanuts

1/2 cup dates (soaked and pitted)

1/4 cup water ( I used the soaked date water)

Ingredients (Filling)

1 1/4 cup cashews (soaked for 2 hours)

1/2 cup 100% natural peanut butter (no vegetable oil in the ingredients)

1/3 cup rice malt syrup

1 tsp vanilla bean (seeds scraped out of pod)

1/2 cup cacao powder

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

1/2 cup water


Process the almonds and peanuts in a food processor until it resembles crumbs.

Add the 180 Natural Protein Superfood, soaked dates and water.

Process further until well combined. Press the mixture in a round baking tray and set aside.

Then blend all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth and creamy.

Pour evenly over base and garnish with 2 tbsp peanuts (briefly pulse peanuts into rough pieces).

Sprinkle over filling and freeze for 3 hours until firm.

Serves 6-8.


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