I came to Lynda after struggling with SIBO and not finding any practitioners that were able to either acknowledge its existence or treat it effectively.  My symptoms included constipation, bloating as well as perioral dermatitis (an acne like rash on the face around the mouth/nose) and considering I am getting married in December I wanted none of that!  It was obvious immediately that Lynda is incredibly knowledgeable about all things gut, digestion and elimination and she was able to implement strategies (both supplementation as well as gentle lifestyle changes) to help me manage my symptoms.  Her enthusiasm and genuine concern for for my well-being made her wonderful to work with.  As of writing I can confidently say that my SIBO (and all those nasty symptoms) is gone but the techniques I have learnt from Lynda will stick with me for life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lynda, thank you!

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