THE 13: Because Poo Is Not Taboo feat. Constipation with Lynda Griparic

I'm delighted to share with you a podcast interview I did with the inspiring young lady Rachel Favilla from The Healthy Exception. Rachel is a pioneer for healthy change in the younger generation. Feel free to share this podcast with those who may struggle with common digestive complaints and even those with anxiety, low mood, skin issues and weight loss resistance. You see irregular bowel movements can cause some of these common problems.


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We cover;

What is a healthy transit time (what does constipation look like?)

Why is constipation such an issue?

What are the dangers of constipation?

How can you get your pipes working properly again?

What about laxatives and enemas? Are they ever useful or only ever harmful?

How can you un-do the damage done by years of chronic constipation?

Why is happiness and laughter so crucial to a healthy life and a healthy poo?

When all else fails, how can Better Me Tea (Lynda’s very own herbal tea formulation) help your bowels to kick into action.





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