A Worldwide Meditation Movement That Will Change Your Life

In this episode we chat to Anita Morrow, the creator of 1Million Meditators: Love Yourself & The Planet. A global initiative hosting meditation flash mobs worldwide, on the same day in different locations; like a big tidal wave of love it is meant to help our beautiful planet heal.

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Anita has built six and seven figure businesses in the Information Technology and Real Estate Investing industries. She has been a mentor to new IT Project Managers in Canada, budding real estate investors, teenagers aspiring to be public speakers, athletes training for marathons and new entrepreneurs on a mission to create conscious businesses.

As a serial entrepreneur who is all about making the impossible, possible and the ordinary, extraordinary Anita now knows deep down that her purpose/mission is one of helping others transform their lives and businesses by changing their mindset and their energetic vibration.

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In this episode we cover;

    • How the 1Million Meditators group has the potential to change the vibration of our planet to one of LOVE
    • What that actually means
    • Why meditate
    • How meditation can change your life
    • What to do if you struggle with meditation
    • How the SOULmate meditation tool can help you go deep
    • and so much more


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