Carers & Cancer Caregivers : How To Avoid Burn Out & Poor Health

An excellent Love & Guts podcast episode that is relevant for ALL care-givers not just cancer carers.

Rebecca Warren is an experienced naturopath and nutritionist. She lectures on Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy, has shared her knowledge with millions of Australians as the Body+Soul Naturopathic Expert, mentors new and existing practitioners and is a PhD-in-the-making. Rebecca has a strong commitment to helping people live their best life by teaching them how to Nourish your Body, Expand your Mind and Feed your Soul. Today our topic is the Health Of Cancer Caregivers, a subject Rebecca specialises in.

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Exciting Episode Highlights

  • How Rebecca found herself researching and doing a PHD on Cancer Caregivers
  • How caring for someone with cancer influences the dietary behaviours in the caregiver
  • The biggest health challenges that caregivers face
  • The support that exists for care givers
  • Strategies to help caregivers look after and nourish themselves
  • How the words we use can be so impactful and important
  • How you can take part in the research study Rebecca is undertaking if you are a cancer care giver


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Show Notes

  • Rebecca Warren's Website
  • HealthForHelp Instagram
  • Never Say Die By Chris O'Brien
  • Are You A Cancer Care-giver? Rebecca is seeking volunteers to participate in a study for her PHD to learn more about the experience of cancer care givers and how your caring role may have changed your eating habits. For more information or to take part please contact Rebecca or  0425 834 846



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