Creating Stillness In The Body & Mind With Yin Yoga | Mel McLaughlin

A podcast episode that will shed light on why yin yoga is the much loved juice that supports a busy mind.


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Mel has been practicing everything ‘yoga’ since her lengthy sojourn in India 18 years ago. While based at the Sivananda ashram in Kerala, Mel not only focused on the postures of yoga but meditation, breath-work and every other positive experience yoga has to offer and spontaneously stayed on for her first of many teacher trainings.


Mel then continued to train with the likes of Nicole Walsh and Baron Baptiste in the style of Power Yoga; Twee Merrigan in the style of Vinyasa Flow and with Paul Grilley in the form of Yin Yoga, Yin being her real passion.


Currently studying TCM and fusing together all these trainings Mel found a platform to create her own unique teaching style, which is a blend of Western/Traditional Indian and Taoist approaches.


Mel leads her own 100/50/25 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training modules to yin enthusiasts. She is an avid student of Paul Grilley and completed 225+-Hours training with him from 2013  through to today, which topped off her 10 year love affair with her own personal practice and exploration of yin.


Drawing on her studies of Metaphysics, Acu-energetics, Reiki and other healing modalities, Mel’s teachings blends the physical, mental and energetic bodies in regards to yin yoga and teaching in general.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • How Melanie found teaching yin yoga and now traveling around the world doing so
  • What is yin yoga and where did it originate from
  • Who is it for
  • What are the benefits of Yin Yoga
  • What are the principles of Yin yoga
  • What is the meridian theory and how does it relate to Yin Yoga
  • What should we expect in a class
  • Are there any instances where you would advise someone against doing Yin Yoga


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