CS : How Modifying Your Protein Intake Helps Prevent Constipation

Constipated Poo People Illustrations created by Joel Tarling and generated in my brain 🙂


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This podcast episode is part 3.3 of the Constipation Series

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Today you are going solo with me, Lynda G a naturopath, nutritionist and yoga enthusiast with an intense and awkward interest in bowel movements and one who specialises in all things digestive health.


Episode Highlights

  • What protein is
  • Why its important
  • The link between protein, constipation and poor digestive function
  • How much we require daily
  • Where to find quality sources
  • How to get enough protein if you are a vegetarian
  • So much more


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Show Notes


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This episode is sponsored by BetterMe tea, a tea designed to promote improved gut health and digestion - assisting those who struggle with constipation and sluggish bowel movements to go to the bathroom with ease.




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