Dan Sipple | Autoimmunity And Peptides

From a path of illness to discovery and eventual recovery, Dan Sipple has ridden the wave firsthand and knows the system inside and out. As a result of his personal experience and clinical expertise, he has a unique ability to recognise where, to begin with, every individual he works with. Dan’s method does not feature cookie-cutter protocols and recipes for wellness, but rather offers fully customised treatment plans for his patients which he considers the backbone of his approach and successful clinical outcomes.

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Dan is a fully qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and herbalist with a Bachelor of Health Science. He is a registered member of the Australian National Therapists Association (ANTA). His multimodality approach features elements of both Allopathic and complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) and he regularly employs Western diagnostics in accompaniment with functional & integrative testing to help him reach the best possible patient outcomes.

Dan is passionate about the areas of gut & microbiome modulation, hormone optimisation, autoimmune disease, stealth infections, immunity, and anti-aging medicines. Dan is an avid researcher, and enjoys playing guitar, gardening, hunting, the ocean, and the outdoors. He is a proud Father of two boys and resides in the Mollymook area of the South Coast, NSW.

In this episode we cover

  • What autoimmunity is
  • The role of the thymus in autoimmunity
  • The role of peptides in autoimmune disease and how they have been used in treatment
  • Where Dan has seen their use as particularly beneficial
  • Strategies for addressing autoimmunity both pharmacological and naturopathic approaches
  • And so much more


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