Dr Oscar Serrallach | The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Dr Oscar Serrallach is a Doctor of Functional Medicine with a special interest in Post-Natal Wellbeing.

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Prior to completing his Fellowship in General Practice and Family Medicine (Board Certification), in 2010, he was working mainly in Emergency Medicine.


His initial studies in Functional Medicine coincided with starting a family, which naturally led him to consider the science through the particular lens of pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period, observing his own partner and many mothers through his clinical work.


Dr Serrallach was first to recognise something he termed Post-Natal Depletion, describing the broader clinical pattern of many women presenting with symptoms after having children.


He has since dedicated his work towards researching this condition and applying the practice of Functional Medicine to help his clients with their recovery. The Post-Natal Depletion Cure is his first book.

In this episode

  • Why Dr Serrallach felt compelled to write a book on post natal depletion
  • What is post natal depletion
  • Why it occurs
  • How the placenta “re-programs” the mother and why this occurs
  • How autoimmunity is linked to post natal depletion
  • How we can prevent post natal depletion
  • How we can best support the mother post birth
  • Dr Serrallach runs through his 3 step program that helps women restore their health vitality and enjoyment for life again


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Show Notes


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