Dr Rishma Walji | Pregnancy Loss. How To Navigate Your Way Through

Rishma Walji is a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. She has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and two post doctoral fellowships, one in healthy aging and one in perinatal health.  With over 16 years of clinical experience, Dr. Walji has been helping women along their journey to parenthood - through fertility, pregnancy and post-partum.

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She is a published researcher and sought after speaker, for both public and professional audiences.  She is passionate about women's health and is now expanding her message online through social media, online programs and workshops so that women everywhere can have access to information they need.  Dr. Walji has dedicated her career to teaching women how to understand their bodies and their hormones, empowering them to achieve lasting results.


In this episode we cover

  • What factors contribute to pregnancy loss
  • What individuals commonly experience when they lose their baby, emotionally and physically. Highlighting some of the unspoken things
  • Rishma’s thoughts on informing people that you are pregnant before 12 weeks
  • How friends and family can help a loved one through pregnancy loss. What we can say, do and what not to say and do
  • Suggestions to help individuals move through the challenges and enjoy pregnancy again
  • Rishma’s thoughts on common prenatal formulas available
  • And so much more


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Show Notes



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