Dr Sarah Buckley | How To Have An Ecstatic Birth

Dr Sarah Buckley is trained as a GP (family physician)  with qualifications in GP obstetrics. She is the author of the internationally best-selling book Gentle Birth. Gentle Mothering and the scientific report Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing, published with Childbirth Connection (US) in 2015. Sarah is also mother to four children, all naturally born and raised, now happy and healthy in their teens and twenties.

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Sarah’s work supports parents to be well informed, and to listen to their hearts and instincts, and take their rightful place as the real experts in their bodies, babies, and families. Sarah currently works as a writer and lecturer on pregnancy, birth and parenting and is also a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. 


Sarah speaks so passionately about gentle birthing and gentle mothering that my pregnant self can not help but get excited for now and what's to come. I am so very grateful that pioneers like Sarah exist to empower women and families in what could be one of the most glorious times in their lives.


In the episode we cover

  • Where the passion for pregnancy, gentle birth and parenting came from
  • What is an ecstatic birth
  • The four major hormonal systems active during labour and birth
  • The role of oxytocin during labour and postpartum and the practices that negatively impact their function
  • How mum’s giving birth during the covid - 19 pandemic can still have an ecstatic birth
  • How our hormones ‘behave’ in that first hour after birth and how can we work with them harmoniously
  • And so much more


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Show Notes



Before we dive into this conversation I am very excited to announce that this episode is once again sponsored by Nutrition CareNutrition Care was founded over 40 years ago by Professor Ian Brighthope, a pioneer of nutritional medicine in Australia and worldwide. He is credited with coining the term ‘integrative medicine’ to define a healthcare philosophy that combines complementary medicines and modern medical practices to help optimise a patient’s health.


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Our gut is our first line of defence against bacterial and viral invaders, as well as toxins that might be in the air and environment. If we inadvertently swallow something, our gut needs to go to work to ‘save’ us. So, it needs to be in good shape.


What may not be as well known is that the gut makes up about 70% of our immune system. If it isn’t in optimal health, our overall health could be at risk.


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