How Breathing Therapy Can Change Your Life With Dr Rosalba Courtney

Dr Rosalba Courtney is an Osteopath with 35 years of experience. She also has a PhD in breathing.

Her aim is to help people get out of pain, improve their long term health and quality of life by providing effective hands-on osteopathic  treatment and by teaching her patients skills and strategies that will enable them to take active control of their health. These skills include breathing exercises, muscle and postural retraining and techniques for mindfulness and stress reduction.

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Her interest in breathing therapy began in the early 1990s. She was one of the first Butyeko method practitioners to be trained outside of Russia. She trained practitioners and taught patients the Buteyko Method for several years and gradually began to study and include other breathing retraining methods in her work.

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In 2011, she completed a PhD on the topic of “Dysfunctional Breathing: Its Parameters, Measurement and Clinical Relevance” and has published over 15 peer reviewed articles and book chapters on this topic.

Rosalba has presented at many national and international conferences and teaches, researches and writes about the art and science of health and breathing therapy for a professional audience and for patients. She conducts training programs for Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Speech Therapists and other health professionals on Integrative Approaches to Assessing and Treating Dysfunctional Breathing.


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In this episode we cover;


  • What Buteyko breathing is and what are other forms of breathing techniques
  • How dysfunctional breathing affects digestive function
  • What some signs of dysfunctional breathing might look like
  • How dysfunctional breathing affects our behaviour and mental health
  • Why it's important to breathe through the nose
  • How breath affects mitochondrial health
  • What Rosalba's thoughts are on cold therapy, such as Ice baths and face baths
  • What Rosalba’s daily breathing practice looks like
  • Practical tips for us and so much more



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