Hydrogen Sulphide SIBO & Preventing Relapse | Allison Siebecker

Dr. Allison Siebecker, nicknamed “the Queen of SIBO”, is a naturopathic physician, award-winning author, clinician and educator, whose integrative curriculum and protocols, along with her free educational website, siboinfo.com, have been instrumental in modern Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) treatment and awareness.

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She is instructor of Advanced Gastroenterology at NUNM, as well as former medical director and co-founder of the SIBO Center for Digestive Health, the SIBO Symposiums and the GI Conference at NUNM. She serves on the IBS faculty for the GI Health Foundation and on the Continuing Education board for the Gastro ANP. Dr. Siebecker has specialised in the treatment of SIBO since 2010 and is a SIBO patient herself.


In this episode we cover


  • Why Allison invested so much time in researching SIBO and now educating practitioners on this condition
  • What SIBO is and what the common symptoms are
  • What the migrating motor complex is and what role it plays in SIBO
  • The common causes of SIBO
  • Hydrogen Sulphide - how do we assess and how does the symptom picture and treatment differ from methane and hydrogen dominant SIBO
  • How an individual prevents SIBO relapse
  • What Allison would like to see happen in the forever evolving world of SIBO assessment and treatment
  • So much more


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Show Notes



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