Ken McGrath | Testing Number Two’s : Why And Which Methods Are Best

Ken McGrath is the Clinical Liaison Manager at Microba. He obtained his PhD studying Molecular Biology at the University of Queensland, and has a research background in microbial genomics,including human and environmental microbiomes and metagenomics analysis.

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Ken has been a member of several international microbiome research projects, including monitoring antibiotic resistance through the Australian OUTBREAK initiative and US-based MetaSUB projects, as well as the use of metagenomics to study extreme microbial communities around the globe with the eXtreme Microbiome Project (XMP).


Ken is now working with Microba to bring the latest technology to a gut microbiome sequencing company that is using shotgun metagenomics to generate a high-resolution profile of a person gut microbiome and provide practitioners with support on how to use microbiome results to improve their patients’ health and wellness.


Microba is offering the Love And Guts listener $50 off your first gut microbiome, Microba Insights stool test. 


All you need to do is schedule in an initial naturopathy | nutrition consultation with me and I will provide you with a code to use to receive your special offer. During this consultation I will run through your microbiome insights report when the results are in. I would hurry though as this offer only lasts until July the 31st 2020.


In this episode we cover

  • What stool tests exist and what do they show us
  • Why has the focus shifted in stool testing over the last several years
  • What are the best analysis methods for looking at your gut bacteria
  • Which test provides you with more in-depth, functional information about your gut microbiome
  • What can shotgun metagenomics show you that other tests can’t
  • How can stool testing be used in clinic to optimise outcomes for the client
  • And so much more



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