Living Your Truth Without Needing The Acceptance Of Others

With a background as a Naturopath, Angela Counsel is passionate about helping women who are transitioning through the peri-menopausal years to discover their true selves.  Having gone through this stage of life herself she realised that the changes that occurred were not just physical, she experienced significant emotional and spiritual changes as well.  This led her on a journey to learn more about what this stage of life was really all about, to challenge some of society's beliefs around what ageing is and to gather a community of other women around her who were going through the same journey.

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In early 2018 the Maga Woman Project was created.  This initiative was designed to bring women together in community, to share experiences and most importantly to give a voice to the Maga Woman in society.  The big mission for the Maga Woman Project is to support women who find themselves homeless when they reach their mid-stage of life (this is Australia's largest demographic of homelessness).  The Maga Woman Project currently produces a monthly magazine, runs women circles and retreats and creates collaborations with other businesses who serve the same audience.

Angela is passionate about guiding women to live their best lives particularly as they reach their mid-stage of life, and while she is no longer in clinical practice, she continues to offer support to women as a Women's Transformation Coach.



In this episode we cover

  • Who is the Maga Woman and how did the Maga woman project come about
  • What the beautiful and exciting traits of a maga woman are
  • How a maga woman can step into her power
  • What Angela had to overcome while entering into Maga-hood and how it has changed her life
  • What the biggest struggles of a maga woman are
  • Why its important to reconnect with the core self
  • And so much more


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Show Notes


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