Maximising Your Brain & Growth Hacking With Sonia Friedrich

Sonia Friedrich has been called a “Growth Hacker”. She is a leading expert and keynote speaker. She empowers people by showing how to apply behavioural economics interventions in business and in life. Her aim is that people begin to implement B.E. ideas within 24-48 hours and start to measure the direct impact on the bottom line in less than 1-2 months. Her proven results are truly game changing.


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Sonia has saved clients millions of dollars and made others millions of dollars. She has helped build brands up to $250M in Australia and New Zealand; has repositioned companies; restructured businesses and helped save small businesses from closing their doors.

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Sonia was a coach for the Google Start-Up Weekend. She also works with businesses in crisis and is known for her confidential handling of sensitive issues. She is a Mentor to business owners. Sonia loves working with CEO's, Company Directors & Key Executives. Why? Because this is how decisions are made…immediately.


Sonia works with Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Investors, Solo operators to Multinational clients. She is a Mentor to CEO's, Founders and change agents. Sonia is a sought after keynote speaker.


In this episode we cover;


  • What is behavioural economics and neuroscience
  • How we can change deeply ingrained behaviours and habits.
  • How long it takes to change a behaviour
  • Why human beings are predictably irrational and how it negatively impacts our lives?
  • What are heuristics and biases and how this influences the decision making process
  • Why giving your services for free or at a discount is not a good idea if you want people to do the work
  • Why many of us can not handle being alone. To put in into perspective many prefer to give themselves an electric shock than spend 6-15 minutes alone with themselves.
  • What is the link between distractions and addictions
  • Why If you use the word “interesting” to describe your emotional states, you need to stop.


Show Notes;

Sonia's website

Sonia Friedrich Photography

11 Steps To Healing - For Multi Millionaires And Business Owners

Predictably Irrational By Dan Ariely

Dean Karlan

Stickk - commitment contracts

Being Alone Gives Us Time To Heal

It's a NO BRAINER! - Behavioural Economics 3-day Academy. Check Sonia's website regularly for dates.




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