Money; How To Improve Your Relationship With It | Nat Daley

Is your money story kind of tired and limiting?

Nat is a formidable financial planner who knows that the planning process is the true secret to success. His solid investment background is the reason clients seek him out. His results are why they trust him.

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Nat’s investment strategy isn’t restricted to money. He invests in new knowledge, he invests in building relationships, and most importantly, he invests in his clients so they can achieve their dreams. He believes that if you want something enough, you will make it happen.


Nat mentors undergraduate finance students at Griffith University’s Commerce Association, helping them connect the dots between theory and practice. A lifelong surfer, he is also the Club Captain at the Evans Head Malibu Club.


Let's be honest, many of us would like to have a better relationship with money. In fact when creating my questions for Nat I was flooded by questions from you.


I’ve carefully selected Nat because this truly kind man has a mindset that welcomes in possibility. He continues to evolve professionally and personally and it's hard to not be inspired into action when you are in his presence. He is compassionate but knows how to call you up on your bull-shite.


In this episode we cover

  • What financial planning is and what financial planners do for the individual
  • What money stories hold many of us back from abundance and financial freedom
  • Why Nat dislikes the words "financial freedom"
  • What we can do to break through our money stories, feelings of lack and scarcity
  • How we can welcome in more financial abundance
  • How important getting conscious about our money situation and spending is
  • Why getting clear on what you want can change your life
  • What karma has to do with welcoming in money
  • How Nat exercises his harmonious relationship with money
  • So much more


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Show Notes


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