Tracey Burns | How To Be An Unstoppable Girl

Before starting Unstoppable Girls, Tracey had a successful career in Marketing and Advertising. Tracey was inspired to create Unstoppable girls as she reflected on her own childhood and teen years. After suffering trauma as a young girl and realising the impact this made on her throughout her teen and adult life, Tracey knew the importance of having a strong sense of self and self-worth, as well as positive role models.

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Tracey passionately believes that if we can develop our girls’ mental armour (courage, self-belief, confidence and compassion) to own who they are, understand their strengths, their uniqueness, and their worth, then they have a much greater chance of a positive experience during their teen years.


As a teen, and young woman, Tracey set up her own retail business which she ran successfully for 4 years until  at the age of 23 yrs she decided to study Business with marketing at Univeristy where she went on to win a National competition that saw her land a graduate training place at a top advertising agency in London. She climbed the Corporate ladder and went on to become a Managing Director of a leading Marketing agency working on world class brands like Qantas, Virgin, Vodafone, Volkswagen, amongst others. After 20 years in the Corporate world Tracey retrained and studied Psychology of coaching and qualified as an Executive and life coach. 


After working through her own childhood trauma and now being a mother of two girls, Tracey knew that for her girls and all girls to truly thrive, they needed to develop a rock solid inner foundation as well as having strong, positive adult mentors in their life.



In this episode we cover

  • Why Tracey was driven to start unstoppable girls
  • What challenges do girls struggle with 
  • What challenges do parents face in raising teen girls
  • What support is there for parents
  • What does it mean to be an unstoppable girl/what is an unstoppable mindset 
  • What can parents do to support their girls through the often turbulent teen years
  • What is the difference between self esteem /self worth and confidence 
  • And so much more

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Show notes



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