Weight Loss Series | Why Diets Don’t Work & Leading Causes Of Weight Gain

Today I am flying solo to discuss a new and effective way to lose weight, safely and sustainably. In a way that does not feel so deprivation laced and in a well orchestrated program that provides psychological breaks. Did you know that the most recent data measured found 63% of Australian adults and 27.6% of children were overweight or obese in 2014-15. In fact, in Australia, 1 in 10 more adults are obese today compared to 1995.

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I’d love to walk you through the principles of the very effective program I use in clinic to help individuals lose weight (fat), avoid weight regain and reset their metabolic set point.


I will do this over a series of solo podcasts. Today we start with what drives obesity and weight gain, what a metabolic set point is and why weight regain over a period of time takes place.


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If you’d like to get started on this effective and sustainable weight management program I speak of please get in contact as I’d love to help you. The good news is my consultations are run online which means it does not matter where you are located, I can work with you.


To schedule in a naturopathic | Nutrition consultation with me, simply head to my website lyndagriparic.com and go to the book a consultation page. Or send an email to info@lyndagriparic.com


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