Optimising Gut Microbiome Health With Prebiotics

Alyssa Tait is a naturopath and physiotherapist with a Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Her private practice focuses on persistent abdominal and pelvic pain and gut and bowel dysfunction.

Alyssa has a special interest in the gut and urogenital microbiomes and disorders of gut-brain interaction. She has spent 20 years in private practice solving complex clinical puzzles through a combined naturopathy and physiotherapy lens. She enjoys helping her naturopathic colleagues’ clients using physiotherapy, and her physiotherapy colleagues’ clients using naturopathy!

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The application of evidence-based medicine is a long-held interest, which has led to her helping develop clinical practice guidelines on incontinence management and research-based recommendations for the gut microbiome. Alyssa is committed to bridging the gap between orthodox medicine and naturopathic medicine, having spent her career with one foot in each camp.


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In this episode we cover

    • What is the difference between prebiotics and fibre
    • We discuss the potential benefits of prebiotics in the body. What the research reveals.
    • How the prebiotic supplements differ from each other
    • We discuss prebiotics in the diet versus supplements. Can we achieve the same benefits with diet alone?
    • What Personalised Prebiotic Prescription (PPP) Factors do we consider
    • Why it's important to know the research when considering a dose
    • The common issues in clinical practice regarding prebiotic prescribing
    • And so much more


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Show notes

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