Part 1 : The Constipation Series : Getting To Know Your Human Plumbing

Constipated Poo People Illustrations created by Joel Tarling and generated in my brain 🙂


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Today you are going solo with me, Lynda G a naturopath and nutritionist with an intense interest in bowel movements and one who specialises in all things digestive health.

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This episode will be part 1 of 3 podcast episodes on Understanding Constipation. The poo diaries or lack thereof…

Episode 2 what happens when we don't go regularly

Episode 3 will be what we can do about bowels that won't cooperate


In this episode

  • The definition of constipation
  • What the normal bowel behaviour is. How often should we go?
  • Why we poo
  • The different types of constipation
  • Some causes | drivers to constipatio


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Show Notes

  • Check out the many articles and podcast interviews I've written or presented on this topic right here
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  • BetterMe tea for healthy digestion and constipation




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