Lisa Hendrickson-Jack | Why We Should Rethink Our Use Of Hormonal Birth Control

Should we rethink our decision to take hormonal birth control?

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Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles for natural birth control, conception, and monitoring overall health. In her new book The Fifth Vital Sign, Lisa debunks the myth that regular ovulation is only important when you want children by recognizing the menstrual cycle as a vital sign. Drawing heavily from the current scientific literature, Lisa presents an evidence-based approach to fertility awareness and menstrual cycle optimization.


She hosts the Fertility Friday Podcast, a weekly radio show devoted to helping women connect to their fifth vital sign by uncovering the connection between menstrual cycle health, fertility, and overall health.


In this episode we cover

  • How Lisa found herself working in the area of the menstrual cycle, fertility & the fertility awareness method (FAM)
  • The side effects of hormonal birth control
  • How hormonal birth control affects the clitoris, our sex drive & mate choice
  • What FAM is & how it can be used for more than fertility
  • Why it’s important to ovulate & why our period is considered our monthly report card (thanks to Lara Briden for that term)
  • Post pill acne - what to expect and how to minimise the effects
  • We chat about so much more & we could have gone on for a lot longer I tell you. So much passion in this discussion


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Show Notes


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